Winemaker Dinner Series

August 11, 2024 MonksGate

PDX Wine Events created this series to showcase some real gems in the Willamette Valley. For this event, Chef Jeremy from Urban Decanter and Winemaker Rebecca Moore have created fantastic wine and food pairings in Urban Decanter's intimate setting. For that reason, tickets are limited to 35 people. Such a terrific opportunity to meet Rebecca and learn who is behind this small family business. UD and MonksGate Club Members will receive a $20 discount on this amazing dinner!

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October 13, 2024-Elk Cove

Chef Jeremy Lees of Urban Decanter and Anna Campbell, Co-Owner of Elk Cove have teamed up for an extraordinary food and wine dinner. Not only will we have the culinary creations of Chef, the exquisite wines from Anna, we'll enjoy this while learning about the deep roots of Elk Cove Winery. This not to be missed event will be limited to 30 people. A $20 discount will be offered to Elk Cove and Urban Decanter Wine Club Members. Reserve Here! 

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